Our goal is simple

To give underprivileged children a chance to succeed.

Our vision

We envision a world where every child has access to basic needs, love, education and a chance to thrive.

Our mission

Rising Above the Storms is on a mission to forge a lasting impact for vulnerable children in developing countries through education, advocacy and community empowerment.

Our values





Our founder’s story

Alphonsine overcame being orphaned during the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda as a child, to becoming an educated engineer. Her mission is to give vulnerable children a chance to succeed like her. And she believes it all starts with one child at a time.

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Board of directors

Our first active board of directors formed in 2019. Most come from executive positions in the corporate world and serve a minimum of 2 years. Board members actively participate in fund-raising, leading teams in their area of expertise and setting RAS’ future direction.

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US team

Our team in the US is made up of professionals from the corporate world who volunteer their time to serve RAS. They support fundraising, donor relations & administrative activities, based on their field of expertise. They also work hand in hand with the board to execute strategy.

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Rwanda team

Our team in Rwanda is the front lines of our operations to support vulnerable children. They include child counselors for rehabilitation & tutoring, coaches & instructors for after school activities, and staff to run our facility. This staff is on our payroll.

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