Team Member Spotlight: Dieudonne Irakoze

The first day I was at the center without Yvette and Fred, I did not understand.

I had a fear that paralyzed my emotions.

Staying at the Center with four kids, I did not understand how life would be without them around.

As days went on, Fred and Dr. Appoline came to visit us.

They understood my fear of staying alone.

They helped convince the children to respect the sanitation measures and created home activities to help keep them busy.

We don’t know when this will end and sometimes I feel insecure, but the cooperation and sympathy of the team have resurrected my hope. They are always calling me and asking about the center.

Stay hopeful, wash your hands, and keep social distancing.

About Dieudonne

Dieudonne was born and raised in Rwanda. He completed high school and taught modern languages at Teacher Training College. He currently lives at the Center in Rwanda; he cooks, cleans and watches children who temporarily stay at the Center in between transitioning off the street and returning to their community.

He joined Rising Above the Storms (RAS) via Peace Builders NGO in February 2018 serving as caregiver and housekeeper at the Center. Dieudonne enjoys cooking, cleaning, and washing clothes and also likes so much music and basketball.

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