Team Member Spotlight: Fred Gatete

COVID-19 has been a great devil to humankind. While respecting measures taken by the government to prevent it, we will continue to fight it in our homes, community, country, and the world.

When I accepted the role to go to the Center from time to time, to supervise in cleaning and bring the children food, I knew there was a risk.

I knew that I was exposing myself to contamination. It has not been easy for me or my wife.

Responsibility, sympathy, and compassion have helped me stay driven. I have a responsibility to the organization ‘Amahoro Builders’ and to the children.

I am now a bit more secure and pray to God to give me the power to overcome this fear, because he is able.

In Rwanda, we have had cases and that has not made it easy for me to go to the bank, the Center, or the market to buy food for the children.

At home I have fun with my lovely wife and during the time I am home, the feeling of hopelessness and the pain of moving around is gone.

Thank you to my wife who has kept me healthy.

About Fred

Fred was born in Uganda and grew up in Rwanda. Through Compassion International Organization, Fred was sponsored by an American couple (the Evan’s) to study high school and they continued through college. Fred graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Accounting from the University of Rwanda. During college, Fred also managed to study Theology through Joy of God Institute.

For 4 years, through Compassion International, Fred studied a servant leadership principles course called the Leadership Development Program (LDP). He also led different Student’s Associations at the university and in the Leadership Development Program. Some of his roles where being a care group leader and vice coordinator for all students sponsored by Compassion International at different universities in Rwanda (2014-2016). Fred was one of the top five Compassion’s students awarded during his LDP Graduation in 2016.

Fred joined Rising Above the Storms (RAS) Rwanda (via Peace Builders) in June 2017. He serves as an Accountant for the Center in Rwanda and Counselor for the children. He loves to serve & work with children, advocating for them and playing his part in transforming the lives of the children. He also serves as a coach for the children’s soccer team.

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