Facing the coronavirus from inside the Center: Ngabo’s story

Ngabo is one of four kids who live at the Center, and who have stayed there throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Twice a week, Fred – a counselor for Rising Above the Storms – is checking in on the kids at the Center. When asked to see how Ngabo was doing, this was his story.

“Ohoho teacher, you don’t know how hard it is with no class, no football, no group games, and then you are asked to be alone. Even though I am with others at the Center, I have to social distance myself by 2 meters and have discipline to wash my hands.

C’est dure. This is hard.

Cleaning the garden, sleeping, eating, and playing alone is becoming boring. There is hope though because I feel catered for here, but I wonder what is next? We pray to God but the fear remains. The future is uncertain.

We hope that Rwanda will not have the amount of cases like in other countries. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if one of the kids at the Center or one of our relatives were infected with the virus.

When I sleep during the day, it is very hard to sleep during night. It is hard to concentrate when I am learning and reading my notes.

I am desperate.”