Facing the coronavirus from inside the Center: Saidi’s story

Saidi is one of four kids who live at the Center, and who have stayed there throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Twice a week, Fred – a counselor for Rising Above the Storms – is checking in on the kids at the Center. When asked to see how Saidi was doing, this was his story.

“Here, whatever you touch, you have to wash your hands with soap and clean water. Our hands have never been so clean. While we do respect prevention through sanitation, you start to dream about washing your hands.

I become hopeless and fearful when I think about my friends being back on the street.

Are they safe?

Are they respecting this measure of sanitation? Ha, they possibly can’t.

What about my family? Surely they are not safe like I am here.

I pray that God protects them.

Teacher, do you think we will be able to resume our classes after this? Will everything be destroyed?

While this place gives us security, we still worry. Reviewing my notes and reading is hard. I cannot concentrate and when I start reading I start to feel sleepy even if it is very early in the morning.

I have yet to understand this situation.”