Sending a Virtual Letter

“I feel insecure and we don’t know when this will end. How much longer will this continue? What will happen to us? Will we continue to have food?”

These are the questions the kids at the Center are asking themselves during the pandemic.

But the one constant in their lives, has been the support they have received from Amahoro Builders and at Rising Above the Storms we believe relationships are everything.

The reality is however, with limited access to the internet (especially during the pandemic), our kids feel their connection to the world slowly slipping.

This is why we started our first virtual letter campaign.

During this campaign, we are asking you to submit words of encouragement or inspiration. It can be a note, a picture, or even a video!

Our goal is to give the kids one of the things they need the most, connection. We all might feel alone, but we hope that if sending this letter proves anything it is that we aren’t.