Four Things I’ve Learned at Rising Above the Storms

Rising Above the Storms helped me develop my career. For example, I’ve learned to do financial reports, budget preparation and execution, stock control and stock taking, bank reconciliation, and employee tax declarations. However, beyond my role as an accountant at Rising Above the Storms there are key life lessons I’ve learned.

Not All Wounds Heal the Same Way

I’ve learned to offer proper counseling according to the circumstances that brought them to us.

Empowerment Through Friendship

Rising Above the Storms has empowered me to be not just a counselor to the kids, but a friend. I encourage them to strive to build a bright future.

Advocacy Goes a Long Way

Rising Above the Storms has empowered me to be an advocate for vulnerable kids and helped me live out my passion of helping needy kids and people in general.

It’s About Heart

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that you can help in ways beyond just giving. If you have the heart of thinking about others and what you can contribute, you can change lives.