Team Member Spotlight: Alice Musabimana

Being healthy is the first human capital. There are no spare parts for the body.

The best we can do is stay together to fight the coronavirus. In the current environment we are living in, we are respecting measures taken by the government to prevent the virus from spreading. That means regularly washing your hands with soap and water, staying at home, and social distancing.

The situation terrifies me, but I also feel hopeful seeing the efforts of different governments, agencies, and individuals. There are individuals that are sacrificing their lives to find a solution to COVID-19. I am grateful to medical professionals everywhere. And to our friends in United States, I am sorry for what is happening in your country.

May God protect you and your country.

About Alice

Born and raised in Rwanda, Alice is a representative and counselor for Rising Above the Storms.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Kigali Independent University, Rwanda and a Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) from Annamalai University, India. Some of her field work includes research around senior living, family planning and vulnerable youth.

A true leader, her passion to help others is not new; Alice has always been a designated person to be at the helm in all projects she has been involved in from a young age. For example, in high school, she was selected as the head of her school for several years. Some of her responsibilities were to be a role model, an advocate and a voice for her school to its leadership. She enjoys responsibilities and challenges.

Alice also volunteers as the Social Affairs Person at her church. Working for RAS and with kids, especially those at-risk is truly her passion and something she is good at. Alice lives in Rwanda with her husband and infant daughter. During her free time, Alice likes to attend soccer matches, basketball tournaments, watch movies and read books.

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