Team Member Spotlight: Yvette Uyisabye

In the beginning I did not understand. I thought that the quarantine would only last a few days. The Center was not prepared, and our provisions were only for a few days.

I was shocked every time I sat and watched the news from around the world.

I was terrified and could not sleep when I thought about what would happen to our kids who were asked to stay home, with no class.

Because they are poor, the coronavirus will have tremendous consequences for the families of our kids.

Even though I continue to work online and stay informed about what is happening with the kids still at the center, I feel sad to hear what is happening.

My family is also quarantined. From time to time we are well off and together, but the new normal does not give us time to rest.

Staying at home, washing our hands, and social distancing are rules applied in my family.

About Yvette

Born and raised in Rwanda, Yvette is an office administrator and councelor for Rising Above the Storms.

She completed her bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Education of Kibungo (INATEK) located in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. She is a Therapist by profession and she likes to lend a year and be a positive impact in her community and society.

Yvette served as a Primary teacher for 5 years before she started college; she loves children and likes to see them make great choices and decisions for their future. She first served as a volunteer (counselor) for a local NGO Peace Builders, and was hired full time after RAS entered partnership with Peace Builders in 2016; PeaceBuilders’ vision and mission is to improve the lives of children, family planning and early childhood development. Its partnership with RAS focus on youth-at-risk (street children) in Rwanda.

Yvette lives in Rwanda with her husband.

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