The Meaning of Love

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we at Rising Above the Storms want to share with you some of the things we love. We love the undying resilience the children show through their daily plight. We love how their progress continues to inspire and draw other lost children to the Center.

We’ve made a couple New Year’s Resolutions this year including starting a college fund and expanding our extracurricular programs, including soccer. We love where our program is headed this year and look forward to sharing our progress with you soon.

We are proud to introduce you to Evode Ndayishimiye. Evode is one of the children at our Center who we interviewed on his interpretation of the meaning of love. Here’s how it went:

Q: What does St. Valentine’s Day mean to you?

A: Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate true love.

Q: Who do you love more than anybody in this world?

A: My mother, of course!

Q: How does your mother show you she loves you?

A: She cares for me, washes my clothes, feeds me, and makes sure I’m healthy.

Q: What about you? How do you show your mom that you love her?

A: I listen to her and help out around the house.

Q: Who else do you love? Why?

A: The staff at the Peace Builders center. They host so many activities for us. They are great mentors!


What does soccer have to do with our goals and priorities this year? Well, it’s what they love. Soccer has not only been a strategic way to get children to the center to start their process, but it has been a healthy way for them to escape their troubles, even for only a short while. It’s where they recharge.

Our children have families whom they also love. A part of what we do when we rescue them from the streets is connect them back with their families. We encourage the children to continue their education and we work with their families on enhancing their parenting skills. As they go on, the children have restored a love for themselves.

We employ you to take a moment to remember and cherish what you love.

Will you  join us to continue to create an environment of love and safety for our children?

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