An October Update on the Children

COVID-19 has affected people all over the world in different aspects of their lives. For our kids, they have not been able to attend school or come to the Center for counseling.

To make sure our kids don’t return to the streets, Amahoro Builders is still reaching out to respective families through phone calls and home visits. During our August and September blog, we detailed that our kids are split into two groups Gatenga and Busanza. These two groups consist of 28 children in total with Gatenga consisting of 9 children and Busanza consisting of 19 children. All 28 of our children are living with either their parents or guardians during this time.

In order to keep up with counseling, our counselors try to visit them four times a week. During many of the sessions, our counselors continue to stress the importance of respecting measures to fight the coronavirus and have continued lessons prior to the pandemic that focus on their individual transformation.

people sitting around talking
Our team discussing ideas.

We even talk to them about ways they can help their parents with chores like fetching water, cleaning the home, washing clothes, and prepare food. We’ve also advised them to use the evening time to revisit their studies so that they are ready when school starts.

Our kids can’t wait to go back to school and long to see their classmates and teachers again. They do get discouraged at times, but overall are hopeful about returning to school. By visiting them regularly, we hope to keep our kids engaged.

We also have invited them to come to the center to eat porridge and food. Sometimes we even see the Busanza and Gatenga groups play football together.