Everything You Need to Know About Rising Above the Storms

In April of 1994, the genocide against the Tutsi took place in Rwanda. Twenty-six years later, the genocide has continued to show negative impacts on the Tutsi and Rwandan community as we see an increase in vulnerable children and families who have developed poor parenting habits.

Most of our kids grow up under a poor single parent household. This makes finding food a challenge that can cause kids to stop attending school. The parents don’t apply discipline and we often see conflict in the house. This can also push the kids onto the streets.

No matter the story that led them onto the streets, Rising Above the Storms will offer counseling and work with the parent to help the child resume their studies and peaceful living at home. The kids will then continue to have regular peer group counseling at the Center.

Prior to the pandemic, the Center always had regular activities ready for the kids. For instance, the kids would come to the Center on the weekends to play soccer. Soccer has become one of our core counseling tools to help transform their behaviors and build better lives.

The Center also worked with the kids to acquire computer skills to help better their studies.

Rising Above the Storms continues to assess the problems of the Rwandan community to help empower these kids through counseling. We hope that by healing their wounds and helping them plan for a better future through education, we can break the line of poverty among these children and their families.